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A Really Strange Scottish Experience

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Another short but sweet treat is Rick's little visit to Scotland. A Really Strange Scottish Experience has loads of sugar-free fun in the form of a castle keep, lovely Scottish countryside and a couple of picnicking shutterbug hikers. But you'll never believe what they capture on film!


From A Really Strange Scottish Experience :

After a generous breakfast we set off on a drive around the local area and marvelled at the majestic scenery of Scottish mountains and lakes. Fortunately, I had finally given in to myself recently and bought a four-litre diesel Range Rover; traction therefore, wasn?t a problem. We had noticed several inviting looking tracks leading off the twisty single track road we were on, so spotting one that didn?t look quite as treacherous as the previous few; I turned into it and began to climb the hill it led us to.

As we crested it we gasped in awe when the ruin of an enormous castle and lake came into view. On looking further to our left we could also see a really strange looking and very higgledy-piggledy village off in the distance. It was certainly too far to walk. Out came the camera and we set off on foot to stroll around the shore of the lake. We had brought a packed lunch so took that with us too.


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