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They are still there.... lower left quadrant... still called "Current Serial Stories/" We just reorganized the Home Page to make for a more logical flow. Authors on far left - New Novels upper Left - Recently Completed Novels middle Left and Current Serial Novels bottom left. Top right for New Short Stories - Recent Short stories middle right. And Awesome Sites on bottom right.

Far right is Sound Stuff - with poetry in upper right corner. The Home Page was getting out of control and we wanted to pack as much as we could with minimum clutter.



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Could I suggested putting the dates back?

Story Name chapter 4 (7-12)

I'll second the motion, for what it's worth.

The dates were an easy indicator to see if a story had been updated since my last visit here.

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Could I suggested putting the dates back?

Well... even with slightly reduced font size we are in a crunch for space. But I'll compromise! If you run your cursor over a story title in the list, the date it was updated will pop up in a little box. That's the best I can do for now.

I had planned to implement a Content Management System for the home page from July.. but the learning curve for Joomlah! is a bit too steep for me at this juncture. Things will get easier for my twice weekly (Wednesday/Saturday) postings when I'm able to implement CMS.

Bear with me!


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Further update:

Judging by the emails I received, a number of people didn't realize that passing their cursors over the story link in NEWEST SERIAL NOVELS now produces a pop up caption box with the latest posting date ... I have added a line at the bottom of the list to that effect. I have VERTICAL space to work with... it's the HORIZONTAL which limits me.

Anyone with CMS experience -Joomlah! preferred- who can help me implement the system I am struggling with offline to replace the home page posting system will be welcomed with open arms. There are only so many hours available in the week and most of them are taken up with earning the kibbles.

It was also a reminder that MOST of our more than 65 thousand + monthly readers don't visit the forums! Duh!

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