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How big is your corpus callosum?


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Nature vs Nurture is an old chestnut, but this article makes interesting reading:

Genetics Plays A Role In The Sexual Orientation In Men

'They found that the posterior part of the corpus callosum is larger in homosexual than heterosexual men.' I'm pretty damn sure my upbringing had nothing to do with the size of my posterior corpus callosum. Anyway, it seems we need an MRI. Anyone want to chip in? We could keep it in Wibby's garage.


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Yeah, this is the theory by the gay San Diego medical researcher who claims that a certain part of the brain is different in gay men than in straight men.

It's certainly possible. I can only speak from my own experience, and I know for a fact I understood on a certain level I was different from most of my friends, and realized I was gay from about 10-11 years old and onward. It wasn't a choice for me.

In fact, I've argued: who would choose to be gay? Life is far more difficult for gay men, just dealing with busineses, insurance, harrassment from bigots, and so on. Buy at the same time, I totally accept what I am, and I can't imagine living life any other way. If I had to live my life over again, I'm not even sure I'd want to change being gay, because it's too much a part of who I am inside.

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OK, but if a guy tells me I have a great big posterior corpus callosum and it really turns him on... oh, who am I kiddin', I might like it....

Um, editors, if you get a story where the guy wants to rub the other guy's corpus callosum... OK, so it might be good for a laugh. (How come this article didn't come out in time for someone to write a Halloween comedy?)

I'll bet Wibby already has one o' them-there brainwave modulatin' thingies in his gay-rahj. (Big Gay Roj?)

Euphemism? Garage? As in, baby, show me your garage?

Man! And I thought I needed to learn better pickup lines....

Hmm... hey, boys, let's all play doctor and examine each other to see what physically makes us gay! Hey, look, I think young Michael over there has already found something that really stands out! Why yes, and look how helpful his friend is. Why, he's really got a handle on the situation....

(Heh, anyone think that's the start of a really corny/horny farce?)

Ahem. OK, sorry, I'm feeling a bit punchy from lack of sleep.


On a more serious note:

Whatever it is that makes me a gay guy instead of a straight guy, it was already there (and getting bigger!) by 10 or 11... and probably there way before that.

I don't know what physically makes me gay. But there must be some differences.

The thing is, even if we identify a set of physical differences, or genetic causes, or whatever it may be... it is how people think of being gay that determines its acceptance. -- I'd hate to think that people could do a test and say, "hey, that boi so gay!" and use it against a person or his/her loved ones, or select against having a gay baby.

Um, hey, all you gay babies in those cribs, y'all grow up better than any of us, 'K? -- It looks like more of you will have friends, brothers and sisters, and parents who will love ya just the way you are, and not even think twice when you start exploring with the boy/girl down the street. -- Anyway, I hope so.

See? I'm spouting gibberish. (I heard that giggle of "as usual....")

Have fun being who you are. Love your inner gay boy. (Um, and while you're at it, love my inner gay boy, or somebody's inner gay boy....) ... In all seriousness, be positive and enjoy life. Much healthier.

(Stepping down off my soapbox. That soapbox sure does pop up....)

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