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About A hero in the hallways.


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Hi Green,

Welcome to AwesomeDude.

Our Forums Administrator Blue usually does the Welcome Wagon duties, and it is my job to work with our authors and manage the site to which this forum is attached.

Both of us have been stretched a bit the last couple of weeks, so I apologize for the delay in welcoming you. I have actually seen both your stories listed over at Nifty.org but have not had a chance to catch up on my reading, something I will be attending to this month. I will certainly give both of them a read in the near future.

I thank you for finding and joining the AwesomeDude Forums. We try to provide a site where authors, editors and readers can come together and have open and helpful discussions about stories and writing.

We hope you'll be a regular here.

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Hey - sorry, I guess I either didn't notice this or I forgot about it. I really liked Hero in the Hallways - one of those rare Nifty stories that has a developing external plotline. I'll check out the other one the next chance I get.

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Hi Green, and welcome. Where did all the other crayons go, Canada? :D

I'll check out Hero in the Hallways when I can. I think I might've seen a chapter or two a while back. I might've checked it sooner, but Real Life has thrown me a curve or two recently, including a family member in hospital.

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I will look at Hero in the Hallways soon. The premise, that he's lost his memory and has to read to rediscover his past, is interesting.


The proofer / editor in me corrected the extra space in "A bout" to "About" in the thread title. It kept botherin' me. No reflection on you, Green.

BTW, you can edit the title of a thread you start by editing the first post in the thread and editing the subject title.

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