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Please Say Something -- by Grasshopper


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See Also the forum post about

Way to go, Grasshopper! Welcome to AwesomeDude.

It was good to see the perception you gave to Will's viewpoint, that he interpreted his father's reactions differently. BTW, you hit the nail on the head too, in how it feels to learn someone you really like is not interested in you, or in guys generally.

But anyone who's read your other work knows you're talented and have a heart, too.

Welcome, Grasshopper!

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Welcome indeed. I've always been a fan, and it's nice to see you here. You're one of the few writers who have reduced me to groping for a hanky on more than one occasion (I know what you're thinking, blue--and that is so not the case! get your mind out of the gutter. LOL).

In particular, this story: it was nice to get a different perspective on the situation. How many of us have been there and just wanted to be treated like the rest of the kids? i know i have...and more than anything else wanted to say "Just lighten up, will ya? Geez!"

good work, as usual. hope to see a lot more.



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The title, a plea for reader response? Maybe I should try that one...

I liked the story very much, grasshopper! Aaron's a cutie and the whole setup was nice and the stream-of-thought preface effective. It was a feel-good story with a happy ending and one I enjoyed. The comparisons between the straight siblings and their relationships and how the parents might perceive the gay son were well done and thoughtful.

'But my dad, you should have seen the look on his face when I said that at the table. If I'd said I ate baby bunnies for lunch, he couldn't have looked more sucker punched. Did he really think that I was any different from Ivy, from Scott? Why is it okay for them to date and have bfs and gfs, but not me?'

This type of commentary, the baby bunnies were funny and the plea effective, why should it be different for his boyfriends than his siblings? Great short story, I hope to see more from you here at Awesome Dude!



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This story is a nice counterbalance to What DO I SAY Even when the same author tries this type of thing it doesn't always work. But in this case two seperate authors have been able to create a very honest and believable point/counterpoint.

Writers (myself included) take heed. These stories are quite simple and to the point. They stand on their own without any "special" effects. How many times have we seen a fillm in the genre of Star Wars, Matrix or X-Men when maybe what we've seen has ended up not being that great of a story and the plot is poor or nonexistent. Yet one will usually say "well I didn't like the movie, but the special effects were cool." At least one doesn't feel totally cheated for the money they plunked down.

Stories like this fall more in the "Art Film" catagory. They HAVE to be good on their own. There's no big name star or director propping it up or a SFX team blowing up buildings to divert your attention from that fact that it rather stinks!

Just as I advised G in What DO I SAY? this story stands alone just as his does. Seperately they are great, together they create a synergy that is guite good. So I would ask both of you to resist expanding these into broader stories. They are both little gems that stand on their own.

In each case neither of you resorted to cheap thrills, easy sex, or stupid cliches... congradulations! I salute you and say well done.



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