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80th Academy Awards

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The Academy Awards are up and it is good to see that in keeping with tradition,

they have managed to give one award to someone who actually deserved it. :lol:

Marion Cotillard in ?La Vie en Rose?

Outstanding acting performances like this come once every ten years.

Pity no one realised the film itself was as good.

To see the tragedies, I mean the other winners and nominations click here.


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Very unpolished ceremony. Even Jon Stewart seemed off his game.

I got a real kick out of things when Scott Rudin accepted the Oscar for best picture and in the middle of the climactic moment of the night gave a shout out to his boyfriend, saying, 'Honey, this means nothing without you."

I was just imagining all the isolated young kids watching who might suddenly be thinking, "He's gay! He's gay and he's happy and a winner! Wow, is that really possible?"

A whole new world.

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