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The Kept -- not exactly back, but enroute

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Yes, I am alive!

No, there is not a new chapter yet!

I know, I suck. I'm sorry.

I'm just stopping by briefly, in part because of the swathe of emails I've received in the last few months asking when the next chapter will be ready, if I'm continuing the story, did I die, where was I buried, was the service nice? etc etc. I felt guilty about taking so long to reply to each of them and about leaving everyone in the lurch-- I don't think even The Dude knew where I had disappeared to. So here's what's up:

Since Winter Break, college life has been utterly hectic, now with two jobs, an extra class, and a weekly Writer's Workshop. In addition, this is the semester I 'Moderate' into my Major. Naive as I am, I decided I wanted to moderate into two majors (ie, double major), AND do it all early, ahead of the usual date. Which basically means I've had no time what-so-ever to work on continuing The Kept, and have barely even been on AD in weeks and weeks.

It's awful I know. Such great company, how could I possible stay away? Well, to make matters worse, the internet has cut out in my room, so I now live in a small den on the top floor of the library, hidden away between bookshelves and dusty Hannah Arendt tomes (ok, not really. I don't sleep there and there's only one pillow there, but others do know I've staked the space out as mine).

On the bright side though, in a matter of weeks, Moderation will be over. My moderation boards will have either decided to allow me to moderate, or told me to wait and try again next semester. I'm hoping for the first, because I do NOT want to go through this all again if I can help it. What that does mean though, is that after Spring Break, one way or another, I should be able to get back to writing and continuing the story where I left off.

I definitely do intend to continue with The Kept, and I wish I could give a date when I thought the next chapter will be ready, but right now, all bets are off.

Sorry again for being so absent and leaving you in the lurch!

Hope you are all well and not too many of you are wishing me grievous bodily harm.

Best regards,


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At least your still around and plan on it.

I got word today from one of the authors that I work with is stepping down. He's neglected too many other things. And before anyone asks, NO, it's not anyone I work with here at AD.

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