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As the topic says, I need help remembering what/where a story is. :wav:

It's quite a large story. It starts someplace with a guy in New Orleane going to collage. Meeting someone there after a time and eventually finding a house in that area with a couple of his friends. It goes on for many chapters till they graduate. A VW Beetle named "Sammy" rings a bell. Eventually the lead character moves to New York city and moves on with life. He finds a kid under his back steps one freezing night and as the years pass, they eventually become a couple. They, along with alot of their family end up getting property in New Jersey and build their homes and live their life.

Well, that's about it. I looked at my usual bookmarked haunts and tried some not so obvious sites to no avail. You know what'll happen, someone will find the link and it'll be one I've been thru a dozen times in the last month.

Anyways' your mission, should you choose to accept it............

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I remember the story. It might have had 'garden' in the title.

The story reached a conclusion after many chapters, but I just can't find it.

I remember liking it, but that is no help is is? :wav:

Anyway i will keep an eye out for it.

I feel certain it was at Nifty that I read it.

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I did find it. It was at Dudes all along. I put the link on my second post.

BTW, nice avi. Self portrait? :wav:

I must have been writing while you posted.

Glad you found it it was killing me because I knew I had read and liked it.

Self portait? I should look so good. :wav:

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