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death and the veteran


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I concur with AJ.

I loved this story. It was excellent! The unconventionality of it grabbed me and I thought it was a great read. The descriptiveness, the plot and the eventual outcome... all good stuff.

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I loved the story, too. I found it on Nifty on my first visit to the Gay/Military section at the end of last week. When I mentioned it to Dude, he was, at that moment, reading and planning to post Being Gay Sucks, which is also good! Same author, Ruthless!

I like that D&V uses the conventions of many old stories, archteypal encounters with Death by mortals, and then adds a gay love twist. The setting is excellent, one that spoke to me and that I've read a lot about. I actually liked this, his first effort I'm told, even better than BGS which the author prefers. I thought it was very beautiful, very moving.



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That was literary and brooding and melancholy, except for the bright, happier memories.

My knowledge of military history, though, is such that I don't know what or when this was referring to. Initially, I thought the Blitz, but the Asian reference nixed that.

It was very nice to see some good come out of such dreary, weary circumstances.

Happy Holidays, everyone. May you be with loved ones this season.

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I finally found some time to read this. I'll start by saying thanks to everyone who's commented above -- after the reviews above, I just had to read it.

Jamie, you challenged me, and the other authors, once to write a story where being gay was not the focus of the story. I would have to say that this is an excellent example. The story revolves around the narrator and his lost love, but I couldn't call it a "gay" story. It's a story of hope, despair, fatalism and dreams. The fact that the narrator is gay is almost irrelevant.

The ending was excellent and the twist was telegraphed beautifully. It clicked to me what was about to happen just before it did, which amplified the impact dramatically.


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