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NEWS: Gay people expect discrimination, Jews expect a discount

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Is an official spoof on April 1st actually then a statement of reality; like a double negative? :icon_geek:

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There is more logic in humor than in anything else. Because, you see, humor is truth.

~Victor Borge, London Times, 3 January 1984

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lol but I expected something bigger for April Fool's!

You have to be kidding, this isn't 'for' April Fool's, it's just one of today's breaking headlines. :icon_geek: Seek enlightenment elsewhere, Grasshopper.

And frankly, I can see why they make fun of gays who dress so outlandishly. And the gays who do, should expect it. If you want to be treated like everyone else, then don't make yourself stand out like a radish at a lettuce festival. If they truly like dressing that wildly, then they should expect sneers and laughs. IMO Straight or gay or whatever. Save it for parades.

Well, I think this blows your chance at GLAAD's Diversity Awareness Award.

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