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WWW still in infancy says Berners-Lee


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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The world wide web is "still in its infancy", the web's inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee has told BBC News.

He was speaking ahead of the 15th anniversary of the day the web's code was put into the public domain by Cern, the lab where the web was developed.

The future web will put "all the data in the world" at the fingertips of every user, Sir Tim said. "The web has been a tremendous tool for people to do a lot of good even though you can find bad stuff out there."

Making the web free to use had a vital role in spreading its use worldwide. There are now 165 million different websites around the world, according to internet research firm Netcraft. Sir Tim said he was optimistic about the future of the web.



I wish they wouldn't call him 'Sir Tim'. It sounds too Python. Too 'Holy Grail.' But then the www is a bit python, really.

Sir Camy Camooo III

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Wednesday, 30 April 2008


I wish they wouldn't call him 'Sir Tim'. It sounds too Python. Too 'Holy Grail.' But then the www is a bit python, really.

Sir Camy Camooo III

Well, I for one have seen a few 'pythons' on the net and they were not belonging to Tiny Tim, Sir or not.

Lord DesDownunder (the fist, I mean first.) :stare:

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There's still a huge potential and a huge need for easy to use tools online and for putting information into easy to use and good looking web pages. Most people still have to jump from multiple programs to a web design program, and going back and forth can be a big pain. Web designers still have to jump through hoops to do some things that print designers have been able to do since the 1980's. The general public look at it and wonder why it takes so much to do what should be simple tasks.


Hey, if the web is still in its infancy, maybe they can clean up the spam before the web is potty trained.

The web's older brother keeps bugging people about pills and naughty pics.

Then there's the web's big brother, who seems to want access to all our private info.

Ah well. Despite all the doom and gloom about hackers or corporations or governments, the web has given the everyday person huge access to information and to a voice for their opinions. At times, that can make a huge difference.

If this site was done without the web, it would be a big meeting hall for the forum, plus a large magazine and news staff and printing house, high costs, and it would likely only serve one region or country, on a monthly subscription basis.

The web gives us a lot for only a little money. We sometimes forget just how amazing it is.


Blue is anxiously awaiting CSS3 and open web vector graphics, but thinks he may be Ol' Blue by the time they get here.

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