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Graeme's Bushfire seems to have just sort of sneaked into there, but I hope people don't miss out on reading it. It is, as usual, wonderfully done, and even addresses some of my own angst at dealing with men in non-intimate settings; settings where our urges shouldn't be intruding, but do. Well done.

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:icon10: No, I've never lived anything like that. I've never been near a bushfire personally, though my brother-in-law is a CFA volunteer and he has. However, bushfires are always here every summer. Some have come close -- two years ago there was one within 30 minutes of where I live -- but I've never been in danger and hopefully that will continue.

However, Trab picked up on one of the things I wanted to get across. Mike was apparently oblivious to his impact on Brian, and that was disturbing for Brian. That's something that can happen to closeted gay guys and it is something that has happened to me in the past. I was never in Brian's situation, but I can understand how he felt.

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