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Looking In The Mirror


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Poems don't have to be elegant in order to be good. Sometimes, simplicity says a lot more than something elaborate, with a complex imagery structure and formal rhyme schemes. This poem is obviously heartfelt, and it totally captured my attention. I'd like to see more of the things you write...because i know that no one writes only one poem like this one.



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hmm..i suppose..

i dunno what this is.

You see today

But you don't see tomorrow

Drowning in

Your own sea of sorrow

arg..i got a few more..but they are hard to read..lol

It seems to me

The world today

Is a world away

Laws and governing are

Long and humbling

We can't hold you to it

But you sure can do it

I hope you fucking die

You will fucking fry

All because you lie

Goodbye Goodbye

I hope you

Die Die Die

The fecal matter all over your face

You look like a big wet pile of waste

Can you not give me my space?

You big fucking pile of waste

eh...can't read 1 word from this other one..lol.

There is no doubt in my head

That you are dead

But i keep making your bed

So you can rest your head

I watched you get shot

I held you while you died

I can't stand life without you

I keep thinking about you

They say you died painlessy

They lied

I heard you




And cry out in pain

.......and the last 2 lines are crossed out for some reason..lol

don't worry people! i am on medication and will probably be going to a counciler...lol

anyways, thanks for taking the time to read my shitty poems (if you can even call them that)

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Anger, hate, and pain -- we all carry those around to some degree.

I hope that you don't feel those things toward yourself. If it's for being gay, that is not bad or unlovable or... whatever.

From others toward you, I hope that is not there either; not just if you're gay. Don't let their misunderstanding or lack of empathy affect how you see yourself in that mirror.

From you toward others? Well, that is something to outgrow. It takes time, especially if there's some reason back in there somewhere for you to feel that way.

Who you are and what you think of yourself doesn't depend on what others think of you or say about you or do to you.

I won't sit here and say it's all good and easy, being gay. It can be tough to deal with your inner feelings and how other people react. It can be as tough or tougher dealing with your past.

Give that guy in the mirror a chance to feel good about himself. Tell him he's got a future and things will get better.

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:: rolls eyes ::

So everything is that absolute, huh? No room for another possibility?

Lying --

Whom you choose to tell is your business. It isn't anyone else's business if you are gay. If you have to conceal that fact for a while, until you have a place of your own, or somewhere safe to go, that is being safe. There will come a time when you don't have to hold in that you're gay. Some of the people you know and like will be alright with it.

If you are having unprotected sex with anyone, that is a huge risk to you and to them.

Hating your parents --

Why? Because they don't know or would never approve or accept it? Other reasons? Whatever their faults, you are wasting your energy hating them, or even just resenting them. Life is too short to hate people for the way they are. That is the same kind of mistake that homophobic people make.

Hating everyone else --

Me too? What did I do to you? Gimme a break. Most people are alright if you give 'em half a chance. Seriously.

No future --

Bullcrap. I have lived trhough too many things to believe that someone has no future or cannot change. I am not being all naive and rosy and gee-whiz.

Most of the things that cause us so much grief and worry are temporary. Things change so we can deal with them, so we can get on with life.

There is no reason to think you have no future, no way to change, or no way for things to get better, or no one to like or love and who will like or love you. I have been through thinking like that, and I have gotten through it before.


Where is all this coming from? And where's it all going?

Give that some serious thought. Whatever pain and hurt you are dealing with; however much you feel you have to hide your true feelings, you need to know that you are looking at it from too close up. There is more to life, a bigger tapestry, with lots of bright threads that go to people and places and times that are pretty amazing. Yes, the dull and somber and dark threads are there too. But they are just other strands of the big picture.

Think about it.


Having said that, you should know that if you are not abusive to others or to yourself here, you are welcome to talk openly, and other people will answer you likewise. -- But if you act like a troll or flame people or stir things up just for grins -- that will not be tolerated.

I would much rather see you stick around and keep being able to talk things over. So I'm not judging one way or the other yet. I'm giving you some slack. Show me that's not wasted, huh? I will put up with a lot, if it's worth it.

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Actually, you do have a future, unless you decide to deprive yourself of that opportunity. It may not seem like much of an opportunity, but life has a way of changing when you least look for it...sometimes bad, sometimes good.

Yup, shit happens sometimes...but so does joy. wait for it, and keep your eyes open. it'll happen.


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Sorry, Blue, If i came off as an asshole..and i didn't know i flamed anyone, so..anyways..sorry for that too.:(

I get whatcha guys are sayin though, but yall'n's are older than me..and have had the experience?.eh....and i don't really like thinking..lol...arg..

I'm sorry, i'm a fucking idiot.

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Relax, Passive. You haven't flamed anyone yet, AFAIK. -- I was kinda concerned about where you were headed with such strong words, though.

And stop with the calling yourself an idiot or an asshole, OK? -- That's tearing yourself down again, not building yourself up. Life and other people (the real a-holes) do that enough, you don't need to do that to yourself too.

Everybody has times when they're mad at the world, or when they're so down there doesn't seem like there's an up, or when they're self-critical. Everybody has times when life's amazing and a song just makes you want to get up and boogie around the room, no matter who sees.

When you need to vent, vent. When you have questions, ask. The "Closet" section of the forum is for that. People here will listen. Some of us have been through similar things. Not only that, but there are people in real life, somewhere near you, to turn to when you need to talk or need help.

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See the top of the post? it's true. You're not an idiot. Sometimes you may feel like one, or even act like one, but that doesn't qualify you. How do i know this? Idiots don't come to literary sites and read. They spend all their time watching televangelists and reruns of "Three's Company" and "Charlie's Angels" on TV.



Oh yeah...sometimes they spend time at Monster truck rallies and tractor pulls, too...and a few have been spotted at Promise Keepers conventions as well.

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TV is an invention of adults to try to control our minds....They force kids to sit for hours in front of the set so the radiation will fry our brains. They don't want us to be able to think for ourselves or we'd discover they know no more than we do about life and love!!! :lol::lol::lol:

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It's 8) cool, Passive. Yeah, we understand what it's like. :-/

Codey -- :idea: uh-oh, he figured it out! Quick, somebody change the channel! :lol: :p

Sometimes, ya just gotta :!: yell. -- Sometimes, you need people who will listen and who know what it's like. The web gives you places to do that, like here.

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Been thinking about my last post here. I think I have this life thing figured out.

Codey's eithor/or theory of life;

1) You are happy

2) You aren't Happy

3) Someone loves you

4) No one loves you

5) You are in love

6) You aren't in love

:: pats self on back::


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Now that I've convinced everyone of the validity of my theory on life, remind me to explain my theory on the letter 'y' and other useless and redundant words, letters and rules of grammer in the english language. Prose writers and editors beware!! :twisted: :lol:


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I don't think someone with the letter Y in their name should knock the letter Y...Codi. :lol: Y does so much and asks so little. And where would fantasy writers be without Y? Just add a Y or two and you can make anything a fantasy name. Chrystopher Columbys, Byll Clynton, Charylton Hestyn... take away the Y, and all they've got are needless apostrophes to make their names sound more exotic.


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...Uh...the U in chuckles was on vacation?

...It was waiting for U to ask Y?


Maybe I'm prescient and I don't know it?

Good on ya, if you're reading "Y" or "Hwaht If" stories. ...Nothing wrong with an alien or wizard or three... but they do get pesky, sometimes.

Yep, I made a typo. :oops:

~Bl'oo, some g'i wyth a kei'bo'ard...

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