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The Cage of Life


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The Cage of Life

by Camy

The cage of life surrounds us all,

From kingly court to shanty town,

The debts we owe no matter what,

Are burdens none the less.

Yet we strive to better live,

The western mind: a mortgage bid,

The car, the house, the credit cards,

Whilst children elsewhere starve.

Is it fair? Well no it?s not,

But frankly we all have our lot:

The bills to pay, the boss to please;

Often on bended knee.

Would I change? Would I fuck!

I don?t want to live in an old mud hut.

Bulldozed down by tyrant lunes,

In far off sunnier climes

I want to live the life I want,

superstore paint on prefabed crap,

Gawking at ?Big Brothers? shite,

A couch potatoes feeble cry!

I?m not happy, I?m not sad,

I?m just pissed off fucking mad,

For let?s face facts if we don?t change now:

Civilisation will wither and die.

And sooner rather than later.


another from a backup disc.

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Oh man, Camy. What a dark piece. This must have come from a bitter time in your life. You certainly don't sound that way today.

As I read, I was becoming depressed, but the depression didn't come from the poem. It came from the realization of just how true it is, how our priorities in life are just so screwed up. The last verse finally gave me hope in pointing out that we must take it upon ourselves to change it. No one else will do it for us.


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