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A weak timid person; a crybaby. A mummy's boy. Often a spoilt brat with who cries when they can't have their own way or when they complain that things aren't fair.

Sometimes used as a term of endearment for a mate having a less than manly moment. ("You're a bloody great sook!") :shame:

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Actually, I have that site in my favorites list.

I was asking the question as much to highlight the phrase to the rest of us here as to get the answer, and also to allow one of our many Aussie parters to show off a bit.

Who'd have expected that it would be Des himself that would answer the call!



I am usually on call 24/7, but the current problems with my telecommunication line is limiting my times of service, but I don't want to complain too much or I will be called a sook. :hehe:

Actually I think the word is derived from 'baby-talk' where a proud mom or dad looks at the baby and says something along the lines of, "Who's a sooky, wooky baby, then?"

Gay people often say the same thing to their adoring pets. :shame:

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I had no problem taking my shirt off (amonst other items of clothing) when I was Zac's age.

Hey Pecman, you have given me an idea on how I can get money and fuflfill my thespian desires.

I will rent myself out to theatres and do a strip on stage after the performance. The management will be delighted at how quickly people leave the theatre.

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