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Anyone know anything about this group?

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At Wibby's suggestion I have moved this thread to the New and Views so that all may be warned.

Please read Wibby's post below.

I received this email today and wonder if anyone knows anything about this group?

And how did they get my email address?

Email read as follow:

Hello LGBTQIA Community Member

There is a NEW online community site designed by and for the LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer, Intersex, and Allied) community called EveryQ. EveryQ is for YOU. It is an inclusive community, with groups, departments, services within EveryQ that will identify relevant information on events, issues etc. within every subculture of the community.

You may ask yourself, why EveryQ? Why not another site? Aren?t there currently sites that service segments of the LGBTQIA community?

Yes, that is true, but existing sites have monthly/yearly fees or focus on one segment of our population to the exclusion of the others. As the next generation of online community, EveryQ is a free site where we can all go to enhance our lives. Organizations, advertisers and supports are welcome.

Check it out here: http://www.everyq.com

Manage and customize YOUR free profile and control YOUR privacy

Keep connected to YOUR friends, via FREE email, FREE chat and FREE video chat

Meet new friends around the world!

Share YOUR music, photos, and videos

Share YOUR information via event calendars, files, and topics that YOU control

Promote YOU, YOUR club, group, organization, company or business for FREE via EQ Profile, EQ Group, or DirectoryQ

Stay ?In the Know? with RSS feeds and content driven EQ Services

Contests and FREE giveaways

Invite your friends. EveryQ is YOU.

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It's spam. They're evil. I got several today.

They also sent them to all the CodeysWorld folks.

How fucking irresponsible do you have to be to send emails like that to kids who may not even be out? Or send emails to work addresses? And so on. Just insane. They were kind enough to send me three copies, none of which I asked for.

That's just totally unacceptable. If you feel as strongly as I do, send 'em a note from their website. I know I will.

I also request that Des move this from the Staff room to a public area. People need to be warned that this is NOT the kind of group you want to give your personal details to. They have NO CONCERN for your privacy. They harvested your names from message boards and who knows where else.

BAD PEOPLE. My two cents.

I posted a much longer and testier version (including results of site inspection) at CodeysWorld in the announcement area. BE WARNED.

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