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Another protest in the works


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What impresses me the most is that this is not even a 'special interest' news source or article, but the mainstream news.

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It was heartening, reading that.


It's too bad that phelps (notice, I wouldn't capitalize his name? Due respect and all.) is a citizen here, so we can't exclude him (1st amendment and all that), but Canada gives me a warm feeling when they talk about inclusion and civil rights. I'm not leaving the US, but have an endearing respect for our neighbor. phelps has earned the disrespect of more people by the way he continues to speaks out. Even we here, I mean the straight community, are seeing his ill-logic. But then again too, we've seen Prop 8 pass in California

I guess, I see us on a road to finally being citizens of a just society. It will take time, but the African-American community waited for a long time too, but it's paid off. Just never stop trying.

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