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Woman cleared of MySpace bullying


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I'm utterly shocked. Why would anyone want to do this?

It began as a way to learn if the girl who died was spreading rumors about the daughter of the woman standing accused. There were a couple of adult women involved.

What is shocking to me is that this woman has never shown any remorse over the death of the girl, which she precipitated. The problem with convicting her was, the body of law relating to this subject is meager. It will certainly grow as time passes, and this case will probably be one of the motivators.


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I watch what I say and do around children. ALthough I'm a smoker, I go without around kids because usually they think I'm cool.

As hard as I try to be careful about what I say or do around kids, this lady tried just as hard to be an asshole.

It's people like her that karma needs to come around for.

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