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AwesomeDude Radio Delay + CodeysWorld Audio!


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I tried, gang... I really did!

Despite my best efforts, however, due to a combination of swollen eye and hives breaking out on much of my body, the return of AwesomeDude Radio as a weekly, on-demand service will have to wait another week.

However, Ben W. Blue, the intrepid webguy of CodeysWorld trudged ahead, in apparently better condition than your dude, and submitted his part of the weekly broadcast. Although the entire show will not normally require any special player to listen to, this week only I'm offering the CodeysWorld section right here as a streamable mp3 file, so you don't miss it's time relevant content.

To hear it, just click HERE.

We'll have the first full weekend version of AwesomeDude Radio by next Saturday!

Keep the faith!

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Dude, sorry to hear of your distress.

Ben's soothing music in his introduction to Codey's World was a treat and a hint of the all the good things to come on the show.

We'll all sit here outside your place and have a party while we wait. We have left a plate of stir fry at your door along with a cute guy who has offered to wash your back.

Hope you feel better soon. :lol:

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I feel your pain. The ragweed has me and the cats sneezing and fighting eye goo.

I'm sympathetic! I got the eye goo too, though not from ragweed. My ophthalmologist recommend various kinds of eye drops, but it took me almost a year to find some that didn't aggravate my eye pain. (Systane was the worst; Refresh and the cheapo Walmart brand seem to be the best, ironically.)

Even the cats have some of this eye goo, so I'm wondering if it's the damn air out here in Chatsworthless. Aaaah, it's always something.

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Tim and I can't take credit for the soothing music. That's a little awesomeness from the Dude.

Dude has said a little of his plans for the new AwesomeDude Radio program, and we think you all and we will be in for a treat.

Hey Dude, feel better soon!

Oh wow...we've gotta figure out what to say for next week's show!

Wait, you mean they gave Blue a microphone and told him to talk? *gasp*

No wonder Dude broke out in hives!

Feel better soon.

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