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The 1st AD Podcast


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Congratulations to the Dude on creating a stellar 1st AwesomeDude podcast.

It was both entertaining and informative, which is, I suppose, just what you'd expect from a chap with such excellent radio production credentials. And, he did it whilst feeling under the weather and miserable, which deserves lots of extra hugs.

I downloaded it and played it back off my mp3 player whilst in the bath. How about you?


Camy x

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I agree with Camy! This is awesome! My only complaint is that it is waaaaaay to short! I'm really looking forward to the full length versions!

A personal aside to the Dude...Thank you for that dedication at the end. It brought back so many happy memories of happier times.


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If only I could draw a cartoon.

I have this wonderful image of Camy rubbing the soap all over his body whilst in the bath, listening to Dude's masterpiece.

I'm with Tim, a longer version would be most welcome, but this 1st one was, Awesome, Dude! :icon6:

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I enjoyed the Podcast as well. It was thoroughly entertaining and so many sexy voices?OMG.

I agree longer would be better, but we all know, it?s quality not size that counts.

I especially appreciated Blue?s tribute to Codey and Codey?s World and Elton?s tribute to Matt Shepard. Both brought tears to my eyes.

But it was the final moment that had the tears flowing. Dude, you created a truly special moment for Tim and Codey and for that alone, you are totally awesome. :icon6:

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