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My Yahoo is down

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I tried to update my Yahoo Messenger to the latest and it "failed to initialize".

I tried several things like uninstalling and reinstalling all to no avail.

I'm awaiting to hear back from the Yahoo help people.

My email links and Skype account are okay.


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If that isn't a Country & Western song in the making, it should be.

I'm waitin' to hear from the Yahoo! Help people

Much like sittin' atop the church steeple

Swayin' in vain, perched up there thinkin'

Why Lord, why me? My hopes, they're a sinkin'

Waitin' on Yahoo! Twidlin' my thumbs

My ass gettin' weary of steeples; it's numb!

Is help a comin'? Shore don't seem likely

Even thoughs I axed them oh so politely.

Wish they'd try a step in my shoes

I'm a sittin' hear whistlin' the Yahool! Help blues.

Now all we need is Camy to tune us up.


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You two hijacked a community announcement? Is there nothing you would not steep to, er, to which you would not stoop?

That's hysterical. Keep up the good work guys. :icon_geek:

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Uh, Des, did you ever get your Yahoo up and working again?

Colin :icon_geek:

G'day Colin,

I waited as long as I could for a reply from Yahoo. They had confirmed my report of the trouble and promised to get back to me after thanking me for, "..reaching out to us." Do they have any idea how sickeningly disrespected that kind of false, phony and patronising use of the language, makes me feel? We Aussies tend to shake our heads with sympathy for the mind who thinks it is necessary or clever.

Anyway back to my Yahoo problem, I was lucky to have a back up of the system drive and copied it to the hard disc using the Western Digital Data tools program, after I formatted the drive on which I was having the trouble. (If you ever do this you have to immediately turn system monitoring back on or you will not have any system restore backups, which was part of my problem. If I had had the system drive being monitored I could have simply restored to an earlier time when YIM was working okay.)

And yes recopying the drive restored YIM in all its glory as it was before I tried to update it. (I also had to edit boot.ini to get Windows to boot without a default menu.)

Yahoo, today sent the following message *below, (sans the offending language, thank the stars.) Their advice has me concerned on a number of issues, not the least of which is the degree to which Yahoo appears it might take over my IE8 (already installed.) I have tracked down Micro$oft's page on Windows Installer 4.5, that Yahoo mentions, and think I will try that and see what happens. I can always restore if necessary.

So Yes, Yahoo IM is back working and I can be contacted on that, but be warned, I turn it off when I am busy writing or recording.


*Yahoo's advice: (at least they tried.)
Be advised I have NOT tried the following,
I only post it for interest's sake. Comments welcome.


Thank you for writing to Yahoo! AUNZ.

I understand that you are unable to install Yahoo! Messenger 10. I'm

sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience and would like to help

you get this resolved.

I've listed some things below that should help you. (You may want to

print out these instructions first, before you start.)

Please download and install the following software updates.

1. Windows Installer 4.5:


2. Internet Explorer 8:


Once you've installed these updates, restart your computer.

Next, let's reset your web browser configuration. This will restore the

manufacturer settings without deleting your Favorites. Here's how:

1. Reset your web browser configuration:

a. On your keyboard, press "Windows Logo+R" to open the "Run" command.

b. Type in "inetcpl.cpl" and click "OK." This opens Internet Properties.

c. Select the "Advanced" tab.

d. Click the "Reset" button.

e. Select the check box option for "Delete personal settings."

f. Click the "Reset" button.

g. When the reset is complete, click "Close."

2. Add yahoo.com to Trusted sites:

a. Press "Windows Logo+R" again to open the "Run" command.

b. Type in "inetcpl.cpl" and click "OK" to reopen Internet Properties.

c. Click the "Security" tab.

d. Select "Trusted Sites."

e. Click the "Sites" button.

f. Clear the check box option for "Require server verification (https:)

for all sites in this zone."

g. Copy and paste the following text into the "Add this website to the

zone" field:


h. Click "Add."

i. Click "Close."

j. Click "OK."

Now, download and install Yahoo! Messenger 10 from the following



I hope this information has been helpful to you. Thank you for taking

the time to go through this information to troubleshoot your system. If

it hasn't helped you resolve the issue, it's important that you reply to

this message and include a list of the steps that you've taken thus far

to fix the issue. With that information we can further troubleshoot your

issue to help get it resolved as quickly as possible for you.

End of message

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