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He's got nice legs, maybe someone had just told him so?...

A rather similar thing happened to me (here he goes, trying to trump the story...) years ago when I was working on an electrical installation team. Part of the existing equipment blew a fuse and it was a Sunday, the venue staff were all at home so no-one had the key to the room where all the fuses were. It was a crude room built into the edge of an underground car park, made out of concrete blocks. The door was a close fit, with a Yale-type lock, but there was a gap at the top of the wall where a lot of piping, probably conduit tube, entered the room, and we thought a skinny man might be able to slide into the room beside the tubes. In those days I was skinny, and flexible so I got the short straw. Although the hole was at ceiling height we assumed that once in the room it would be possible just to open the door from the inside to get out again.

I was man-handled, literally, up to ceiling height and wiggled my way through the hole. It was a two-skinned wall, and the holes in the skins didn't quite line up so I had to wiggle in an s-shape with no support once on the inside. Eventually I made it and dropped to the floor without mishap. They passed a torch and tools in and I found the offending item and restored power. And then discovered that there was no catch on the inside of the door - just a blank wood surface! So I had to attempt the apparently impossible feat of climbing the wall and squeezing back through in pitch dark, and doing the s-bend wiggle in reverse. I made it, but with a lot of scratches on my torso. Happy days.

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What can I say? Oh, yes...I have at times done 4x4 driving in the backwoods, which may not mean much to someone from Britain, but in western North America it means you are totally OUT ON YOUR OWN WITH NO RECOURSE. You never go down a hill that you cannot be sure to be able to get up again. By the same token, never go into a room without knowing you can get out again. Geez. :icon11::stare::icon_twisted:

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