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What Have You Done?

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What Have You Done?

By: Jason Rimbaud

He was in the shadows

Standing alone

Was he there, was he not?

I stepped up

A mask covering my eyes

The air was still and so was he

I walked up holding my breath

In truth I knew

This was the moment of his death

I had but one chance

I grabbed his arm and pulled him close

Wanting him to savor the warm night air

What have you done?

He screamed to the night

Then over to the wall

His back towards me

Smaller and vulnerable than in life

His hair damp with sweat

And clinging to his ears and neck

Our love was suppose to protect us

It didn?t

Our love was suppose to heal us

It didn?t

I had begged you not to leave me

You did

A finger on the hammer sounded a click

His body still and red

Is this what our love looks like?

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Jason I will open a coffee shop and sell coffee and cake to all the members who are waiting to read your completed work.

So don't be too quick or we won't make lots of money selling the coffee and cakes. :icon_geek:

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