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Why they worship the penis in Japan


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Why they worship the penis in Japan

In the village of Komaki, 45 minutes from the central city of Nagoya, there is a shrine devoted to the phallus. Each spring, the old and young alike come here to see an enormous wooden penis carried through the streets, to eat penis shaped sweets, and to make a penis-spirited wish to god.

The tradition is thought to have begun around 1,500 years ago. A springtime celebration, the "penis festival", or Honen-sai Matsuri, is carried out to bring fertility and a good harvest to the people.


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Thanks for that Camy.

It is obvious from a couple of the comments on the linked site that some people do not respect different cultural customs.

As for me I have never stopped worshipping the penis, that is why I am a writer, because I know the sword is not mightier than the pen_is.

I'm glad you posted this before Aussie Internet filter was activated, I bet this site gets blocked.

I am absolutely astounded that there is so much guilt associated with sex and genitalia. The human race has a long way to go.

Hooray for the penis worshippers. :hehe:

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I know the sword is not mightier than the pen_is.

Oh, are you ever clever!

Coincidentally, I was at the local pool yesterday, and there were two Japanese fellows in the showers (which are large communal, not individual stalls) happily and unembarrassedly cleaning themselves. I have noticed that there is only about a 5% rate of doing this, with almost everyone opting for cleaning without removing their bathing trunks. Effectively, the norm is that the parts that probably need the cleaning the most don't get cleaned (we are supposed to do this before entering the pool so that the system isn't strained to deal with the skin borne contaminants).

And, before you ask, I am one of the 5% and I enjoy seeing the rest of the 5%. I'm not entirely sure if it is cultural, but I'm of Dutch heritage (born there), and the other naked showerer was Bulgarian.

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In Australia 95% of people bathe naked in public showers. Most of us would rush outside naked in the rain after a heatwave if we thought we wouldn't get arrested.

Aussies only get embarrassed about being nude if they have no clothes on without the shower running. If the shower is on they feel like they are justified in being naked.

This has caused us to deplete Australia's natural water supplies because we want to be naked as much as is possible.

In my house we have a recording of the shower playing on the hi-fi all the time so that visitors feel comfortable in removing their clothing as soon as they arrive. :hehe:

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Another reason I know I'll get along famously with Aussies when I immigrate.

No need to take your AK47 into the shower.

We'll show you where to holster your weapon, James.

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No need to take your AK47 into the shower.

We'll show you where to holster your weapon, James.

Only commie punks carry AKs.

It's a bad idea to carry them because soldiers will drop you like a bad habit just for having them.

I like Fabrique Nationale.


7.62mm ammo X 20 round box. Full or semi auto.

It was the Australian Army's standard rifle for decades and has recently had a revival in popularity in Afghanistan and Iraq because of its durability and pure knock down power.

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