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Earthquake Rocks Adelaide

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From ABC Australia

A magnitude 3.2 earth tremor has shaken South Australia, with multiple reports of a tremor lasting up to 10 seconds.

Geoscicence Australia says the epicentre was in the Adelaide Hills.

Adelaide police say there are no reports of injury or significant damage.

Residents are reporting they felt the effects of the tremor across a wide area, from the eastern suburbs to Happy Valley in the south of the state about 11:25pm (local time).

Paul in Bridgewater emailed ABC News Online, saying: "Whoa! We just had what seemed like an earthquake go through our house."

Meanwhile, Steven from Moana said: "Several of my neighbours came out into the street and said that their houses shook like mine did. It lasted for about 10 to 15 seconds."

So I was sitting at the computer when the house rumbled a low groan. It was like a heavy vehicle drove past the property, but I was suspicious so I went out into the street and there were dogs barking and no heavy trucks, in fact no traffic at all. I went back and told the boyfriend that I thought we had just had an tremor or small earthquake. The report above says it was a 3.2 tremor. THREE POINT TWO, Damn we can't even do a proper earthquake here. Oh well it fits in with the conservative nature of the town.

Our last quake back in 1953 was a 5 I think. we're all okay.


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We're all doomed.

The fundamentalists were right.

Quake after quake and volcanoes too.

It's God's vengeance for allowing divorce and for allowing women to have a say in their lives, for eating shellfish, and working on Sunday.

Shame on us all.

Repent, repent.

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And don't for a moment forget mixing woolen and cotton fibers in the same piece of cloth! Horrors! The world cannot survive such sins! We're all going to die!

Oh, wait, I guess that's just the way it is, isn't it?

But back to the quake.

Now I knew Australia was a bit provincial, a little bit insular, just slightly anachronistic. But I'm still taken aback when news items talk about Steven and Paul. Evidently the towns there are much smaller than I imagined if people know each other on a first name basis.

And what's this worldwide reporting of 3.5 quakes, anyway? We don't even bother to get out of bed for those. Or to go wake up and climb into bed with the boyfriend. Unless the quake was just a convenient excuse to do the latter. Now that I can relate to.


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I'm surprised that the locals were awake enough to even know a tremor was happening. They are usually asleep at 11.30pm. (and asleep in their own separate beds too).

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A 3.2? Jesus, in LA I barely roll over in bed for a 3.2.

A 7.1... now, that's rockin' and rollin'.

This reminds me of that famous scene from Crocodile Dundee: "That's not a knife." (Pulls out an enormous blade.) "Now, that's a knife." laughing.gif

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The rating has now been upgraded to 3.8.

It's still unacceptable. We never get anything of world class. :icon_geek:

In this case, you don't want world class. Local novelty is just fine.

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You know, you gotta wonder: earthquakes in Haiti, earthquakes in Chile, earthquakes in China, earthquakes in Spain, and now Australia. Plus that big volcano in Iceland spewing EuroAsh all over the continent.

If giant swarms of locusts start hitting town, I'm going to dig a large hole and throw myself in it.

"Dogs and cats... living together... mass hysteria!"





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