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Let's have a break and cool off -- Pool party!


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It's spring here, and autumn down under. The weather's nice. We've all gotten a bit muddy from things. What do you say we hose down and cool off? Does a swim or a nice shower sound good? Some good, clean fun. It might be fun to take a peek, a little sightseeing. Whaddaya say?

Come on, folks, there's good stuff on the barbie, a nice spread of veggies and desserts, plenty of fruit around. There's cool drinks, sodas, punch, and some more spirited stuff for those who'd like.

Oh, and the water's warm and the sand and the lawn are nice. Towels and lounge chairs. Suntan lotion (hmm, interesting). The sound system is crankin' out some cool tunes, and the bands will get up and perform. Who knows, maybe we'll have some live theater or some juggling acts, some poetry and author readings. Plenty of room to dance. Over there, you'll see balls to play with. No, you goofs, ball games, not the referee, lol. ...What? Oh. Heheh, I guess I can see how that might be interpreted like that, heheheh. ...Well, just play nice, we have a varied crowd here. Best behavior for guests, alright.

Come on, folks, let's take a break, and remember we're a community here.

Then we can get back to discussing stories and gay issues and other topics, like friends should.

Blue leaves the microphone and strips down to swim shorts, and takes a dive into the pool. Cannonball! -- Oops, must've forgotten to tie the strings. Um, could someone grab my shorts? Heheheh. I seem to have left them at the other end of the pool. Oh well, no sense being shy, the water's fine.

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SWOON!  Outdoorsy men!  I'm goign camping next week.  :D

Gag, outdoorsy men! They want to get romantic near bugs and far from proper facilities.

Pool parties are fun...but I don't swim. I do love to be shown how, though, by nice men.

Raise your hand if you've never done it in a swimming pool...



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Well, outdoor camping can be fun. However, there is much to be said for hiking outdoors, then returning to a nice, comfy bed and bath facilities in a nice hotel room or in one's own home.

So TR, you need some personal attention in learning to swim, eh? Hmm. Sounds fun. -- He didn't quite say he *couldn't*, just that he *didn't* at pool parties.

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