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The Next Step


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"The Next Step"

by DJ

Remembering a time,when so simple were things

that could make me smile,could make me dream.

The older I become,and with doors opening to me,

I'm still hanging onto the safe things around me.

Stepping forward so tentatively,I'm not sure i'm ready

for where life will lead me.

Trying to find confidence and courage within,

but feeling so fragile while hiding in this shell.

Afraid to take the next step in my life,

and knowing everyone has too.

Wishing I had a hand to guide me,

To show others,whats inside me.

The real me.

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Hey, DJ, nice work. Keep writing.

In fact, write about your feelings, for yourself, and talk things over with a few friends you can trust. -- Post in the Closet when you need to vent or ask questions.

I've been like that too. The times you'll feel better about yourself are when you open up a little and try something new.

There are friends of yours who'll be fine with things.

Nice to see you posting, DJ. Welcome.

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thanks guys :-)

i don't consider myself a poet,just sometimes due to emotions,and feelings about stuff,i think about trying to say how i'm feeling,wish it was for different reasons.Codey has been a very good friend of mine,and is helping me alot,through friendship,and showing me how to express things alot better.Hopefully if i can do another poem,will be a little brighter one.thank you for the nice replys :-)

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Definitely go for it DJ.

Too much of who we are is bottled up inside and not expressed... and if you learn to let it out at a early age, the better you will be able to relate to the rest of your life.

Good job!

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