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I think most schools have instituted a no-bullying policy, basically because they were forced into it by getting sued for not doing anything when bullying was reported.  The old "take care of it yourself; it builds character" has been discredited in most schools.  Unfortunately, it's also generated into 'if you defend yourself by hitting back, you get the same punishment as the original aggressor'.  That's never seemed fair to me.

Schools are still trying to figure things out.  Today I read about a rumor going around a school that some kids had guns are were planning an event.  So the coach confronted a girl who was supposedly involved and when she slapped at his phone when he was calling for assistance, he pushed her against a wall and held here there.  Subsequently they found she had a gun.  Then the coach was fired for mistreating a student.  All he did was hold her against the wall, and, incidentally, perhaps saved many students in an armed insurrection at a school event.  No, they haven't quite got it all figured out yet.


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