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Piratical Limericks

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Another site had a light-hearted 'talk like a pirate' day yesterday. I contributed the following:

Messrs Morgan, and Bonny, and Teach

Did disport with a cabin boy each.

They each thought it best

Not to use the Crow's Nest

But to roger his boy on the beach.

Grim Blackbeard, the last of his breed

Committed a dastardly deed

His practice heretical

(albeit parenthetical)

Was to sprinkle his crew with his seed.

Not great literature, I know, but it was fun!

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Lovely Limerick, E/c - now can you write chapter two of Leviathan Rusts, please??!! I've been waiting SO LONG! (a whole year!)

I'm guessing real life has been intruding on your online time, and I can't really complain - I haven't written anything new since last December, which is beginning to worry me more than a little (perhaps my creative braincells have died?).

Bruin :icon_geek:

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Here's one of my favorites:

There once was a child named Roy,

A young and innocent boy,

Discovered his peter,

And thought it much neater,

Than books or games or a toy

Colin :icon_geek:

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