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AD Forums problems


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We're experiencing some problems with the current AD Forums Theme.  We updated the forums software and downloaded the corresponding theme from the theme provider.  Unfortunately there seems to be a mismatch.

We're trying to resolve the problem but apparently the forums platform provider, InvisionPower.com no longer provides technical support.

I'll be spending the day today (04-07-2022) trying to get help.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


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Yep, back to normal.  Every time Invision Power updates the forum platform software, it requires an update of the theme software people  IPS Focus.

When I updated the IPS software, I promptly download the corresponding IPSFOCUS updated theme xml file.  Unfortunately, when I tried to upload the new theme file, the system refused to accept it.  So after about 48 hours or so, the theme software people - IPSFOCUS - were able to upload it properly and voila!

These things don't normally fix themselves it required my pushing both the software providers to help.  " I am no programmer" I told them and I imagine few of your community customers are."

That seemed to do the trick and the result is what happened.

I am sorry if some of our site visitors were inconvenienced.


Another note:  On April 3rd, our 18th birthday, I had planned to lift the ban on self registration at AD Forums which has kept Russian bloc spammers and unfortunately many innocent potential forums members from getting in to our system.  I won't be doing that until that bastard Putin is convicted of war crimes at an international tribunal and sent to the gallows, then we'll re-evaluate the Russians.

If you want to join the forums, go through the registration process then email me here at dude@awesomedude.com and I'll manually let you in.



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Well done getting things sorted - and for generally keeping the site going.

One improvement I’ve noticed when using my ipad  is that the sign in button now displays clearly, instead of black on black, and I don’t have to guess where it is anymore. Ta muchly!


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