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Everything's Jake

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The idiom 'Everything's Jake' meaning everything's okay, fine, was new to me and so was this story. In four parts, each part from the viewpoint of one of three major characters, returning to the first viewpoint for the last part, this is a sometimes harrowing story of youthful love and what was confused with love but wasn't.

It's a great story, very involving, and beautifully written, as expected from Dabeagle.

Highly recommended. Go read: Everything's Jake

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I really liked "Everything's Jake" too. It is one of the best accounts of this difficult subject I have read: a strong story, without getting gory or preachy. The guys who attempt to help Jake are real people who have their weaknesses too, and not overly saintly as you often see in this type of story.

I'd like to read more of Dabeagle and I was pleased to see a new chapter of "Through time" has appeared on http://www.dabeagle.com/. Thank you for keeping up the good work :icon13:

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Although it's not clearly indicted - I'll fix that - you can get to the Dabeagle.com Home Page by clicking on the picture of Tristan 'Da Beagle' on The Dabeagle Author Page at AwesomeDude.com or from the AD Home Page Awesome Sites listing.

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Guest Dabeagle

I'm glad to read the comments, and thank you for the feedback and for taking the time to post. Everything's Jake had a strange journey to the page. Originally it was to have been a story from opposing viewpoints written with another author. Unfortunately I write slowly, most times, and the other fellow could write like mad. Three years later the rest of the story came to me and I got up to write it at about 11pm until maybe 3.

This story was a step in a new direction for me, in intensity and subject matter, so I'm glad it was generally well received, even though some found it hard to stomach.

Dude...thanks for all you're doing for me.

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