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Life Lessons: Addressing School Bullying


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This sounds very labor intensive, but it's great that they're willing to put that much effort into it. I'm glad they're not just expelling Stephanie, but, at what point do you do that so you can concentrate on other kids?

I'd think they could give her a deadline to get her act together. All these second chances mean she's continuing to attack other kids' self-esteem. They deserve not to be bullied, to hate going to schoool everyday, just as much as she deserves all this attention.


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Am I wrong in thinking Stephanie appears to be the one in the driver's seat in this situation, aided and abetted by her mother?


Most teachers will tell you that behind every problem kid you'll find a problem family.

You would be shocked to know how many of them are out there and schools and social workers just let it go because they don't want to get into it.

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My mother was an elementary school teacher for more than 25 years, and she told me that in the last few years she was teaching, the tension and violence between parents and teachers was getting worse and worse. It had gotten to the point where they always had to have a third-party present just as a witness, usually the principal, to help keep everybody calm and avoid temper flare-ups.

I think nowadays, they videotape the meetings as well. Times are tough.

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