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Mirror Image

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I hope you enjoy this small life lesson, and please feel free to correct any of my grammar and such. I'm still learning everyday, and it helps to get another eye on things I may have overlooked!

Thanks -



Thomas stood outside the stereotypical family house. Its two story frame reached out against the blue sky. A porch swing gently swayed at a slight breeze in the Autumn air. The grass was cut in accordance to the neighborhoods standards. The hedges separating neighbor from neighbor were neatly trimmed. A concrete driveway lead up to a small garage where outside hung a basketball hoop. Parked in front of its massive door was the family sedan and minivan.

The nervous feeling overwhelmed him again, but he mustered up the courage and placed one tentative foot in front the other. Thomas slowly made his way up the driveway, following the foot path made for the family inside. The FAMILY inside. The one he could destroy. No matter, he made his way up the steps, finally stopping in front of the large oak door. Seconds passed as he stood there, staring at the front door. He finally made his arm raise, lift out a finger, and pressed the door bell.

Time slowed all around him. He heard and felt every breath, every heart beat. The world became a muffled mess of sounds. Inhale. Exhale. Birds chirping in a tree at the edge of the sidewalk. Inhale. Exhale. A dog barked behind a neighbors house. Inhale. Exhale. The porch swing creaked while swaying in the breeze. Inhale. Exhale. Footsteps behind the door. Inhale. Exhale. Leaves rustled in the distance. Inhale. Exhale. The door opened up. Inhale.

Thomas stood in amazement. The door, as it opened, slowly turned into a mirror. He stared at the image in front of him. It was him as a young teenager. His straight, brown hair was brushed over to one side of his face. His green eyes, questioning, just as his always were. His mouth moving, asking a question he himself had asked for years: "Who are you?". The young teenager Thomas, turned and called out to someone in the house. A tall figure appeared from the other room.

An older Thomas stood in the door frame. His same brown hair was neatly trimmed, and sported a few gray roots. There were small creases in his forehead and under his cheeks where middle age had began. His mouth, moving, asking the same question as young Thomas. His green eyes, questioning and answering with uncertainty.

Time stood still for a few seconds. Thomas studied the pair, taking it all in. He came looking for answers, but instead found more questions. A million thoughts were racing through his mind. Though, how to begin? Where to start? It was then it dawned on him, an answer to all the questions he had. It starts now.

Thomas turned and left the baffled pair at the doorway. He followed the footpath down to the sidewalk, and turned to leave behind the house with the family inside. He had realized what he had to do all along. Those reflections may have his brown hair, his same dark green eyes. And they may have his same lips, his same freckles on his cheeks, but they weren't Thomas. Thomas was his own person, separate from those two beings. He decided right then and there to stop asking who he was, and instead to ask; "Who will I be?".

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Interesting story. I like the twist where the protagonist Thomas turns away from his twin (?) and strikes out on his own instead of trying to fit into a family that was not really his.

There was one small typo in the last sentence where you wrote "...stop asking who is was..." and maybe the 'is' should have been 'he'.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Personally, I prefer stories a bit more wrapped up, probably because I have little imagination of my own and can't really make my own ending. That said, it was quite fascinating, and certainly leaves me wanting to know more about the whole situation, and our protagonist. It is also interesting to consider that one can have something other than in instant "fight" or "flight" reaction, instead making a decision to change course.

The use of "it's" for possessive instead of the correct "its" bothered me somewhat. In the case of "it", the apostrophe S actually means "is" as in "it is".

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Colinian - No, not twin, just his younger brother that he hadn't met till that day when trying to find his father who'd abandoned him. lol and thx for the correction, it has been changed. :icon_twisted:

Merkin - So, good? lol

Trab - Correction has been made! lol Thx. :icon1:

Jamessavik - I agree. Just because we want something bad enough, doesn't mean we'll like it when we get it. Even though many people, whether adopted or missing a parent, go off looking for their real parent(s), it doesn't mean they're the best of people. Think of Joe Dirt. lol

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