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Paul posted this at Timmy's "A Place Of Safety"

I could not resist reposting it here: (Please watch the intro and the exit for full effect.)

Paul quoted a commenter's remarks:

He sang ?Nella Fantasia? ? the song based on ?Gabriel?s Oboe? from the film ?The Mission?.

In my imagination I see a fair world,

Everyone lives in peace and in honesty there.

I dream of souls that are always free,

Like the clouds that fly,

Full of humanity in the depths of the soul.


In my imagination I see a bright world,

Even the night is less dark there.

I dream of souls that are always free,

Like clouds that fly.

In my imagination there exists a warm wind,

That breathes on the cities, like a friend.

I dream of souls that are always free,

Like clouds that fly,

I have been emotionally moved by so many of these wonderful artists discovered in "Everywhere's got talent," but this is the one that had me crying.

So disturbingly brilliant, wonderful. His song choice and rendition of it, clearly reveals his sensitivity to life. The human spirit never fails to amaze me.

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His life story primed me for some tears, but that voice totally put me over the edge. Wonderful, and he seems so 'okay' after what he's barely mentioned of his life so far. Amazing young man.

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What an amazing story. I'm glad he's going to get help so he can take vocal classes and perhaps complete high school.

Colin :hug:

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