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Bieber in Hot Water???

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Oh Biebs, say it ain't so...at least he better say something.

So here we have the boy star who doesn't seem to be shining so brightly these days. The images of him and crew in prayer meetings before shows now seems like a sham PR trick. What would Jesus do? He would take the damn paternity test, man up as they say these days, and if the Bieber Boy did do the deed then he better be prepared to fall from grace. (I don't think his fans will crucify him, but you never know...doesn't the fool know about safe sex?)

Someone will lose a lot of fans if this news proves true:


Sorry, I chose the least sleezy tabloid article I could find. Virginity is so overrated, except for this boy it was money in the bank. 15 minutes of fame? Naw, he had an hour and now we move on.

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I don't believe it either, unless the image of him is all PR and not a bit true. That's certainly a possiblity. How would we know?

But it's certainly possible that the girl is in it for the money. Of course she'll make money out of this, true or not. What I don't understand is this huge thrist for fame and publicity. But I know it's real. It just seems to skip some of us.

I hope the Beebs is as innocent as he seems.


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If true, the woman involved is copping to statutory rape by California law.

DNA can easily sort this out.

If its true, she instantly becomes a sex offender. If false, she is just another lying skank.

There's no upside for her and it makes me wonder why she said anything at all. The only motive I can think of is that she's nuts and wants her 15 minutes of infamy.

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I'm not buying the story. It doesn't fit any of what I've seen of him.

Bieber wants, more than anything, to sing, make music, and have millions of people enjoy his music. He has talent and drive. Sure, he's a teen pop star and has a squeaky clean image. I think that image is as true of the real guy when the spotlight's off as it would be for anybody. Bieber's driven and he's not an idiot.

Is it all PR, image? See above. Does he have his faults? Of course. Everybody does. But I suspect this is not one of them. Hey, yeah, he's a teenager, he's got hormones like any guy. Nothing wrong with that. Does he have those desires that anybody has, to be loved? Of course. Does he have those little fantasies that appeal to his ego and his hormones and all that? Sure, who doesn't? Come on, nobody's perfect in that regard. Does he act on them? -- What the heck business is it of mine or anybody's? It's not. And you know what? So what if he's not Mr. Squeaky Clean Teen Idol? He's a real, live person. He's entitled to be himself, to be that real guy, and not the image.

Uh, OK, reality check: There is also a lot of Bieber-bashing and gossip that, oh, he must be gay because so-and-so. Usually that's as unfounded as any of those, Johnny must be gay because, rumors.

Further reality check: Yes, PR people can sometimes go overboard and be idiots/jerks. It is just possible that some bright bulb thought the perfect way to deflect the gay rumors or the bashing was to publicize a girlfriend, or worse, an affair, a petty scandal that would fizzle out. -- I hope his PR people aren't that dense and dumbass. -- And I suspect the woman raising the claims is a genuine nutty fan wanting her brief flash in the pan.

As for whether he's gay or not? I'm going to say something unpopular, probably, but it's my opinion. Who knows, maybe other people feel this way too. I think he is working out who he is. I think he's not so afraid to do things people might think are gay. I think he might have a few tendencies some people call gay, but are just "well adjusted human male." I think he might be a little bisexual, but he likes girls and anything with guys hasn't really stuck in the flashbulb fishbowl of the gossip trade. That means it likely isn't happening. He is likely to have some personal moral issues from his background that would preclude any gay activity. He's young. He has his whole life ahead to figure out how he really feels and what he really thinks and what kind of public stand he wants to take if he has to take a stand on it. And that's up to him, his free choice. It isn't up to anyone, not his fans or his bashers or any of us (me too) to get in his personal, private business and say what he should or shouldn't do, and who he should or shouldn't be with. If Bieber is straight or bi or gay, that's for him to know and deal with and decide how he will present that truth to the world. If, one day, I wake up and discover, hey, Bieber is bi or gay, well, great, welcome, buddy! Or if he's straight and comfortable enough with any of those supposed tendencies or occasional feelings, well, that's fine too. Good for him.

I happen to like his music and listen occasionally. I think he does have talent. I think he has a huge drive to be that singer/musician entertaining millions. Nothing wrong with that. The ego that goes with the drive, sure, that's there, probably.

But no, I'm not buying the story this woman's telling. I don't think he's the kind to fall for that.

Now, maybe he is young and gets into it with some girlfriend (or some boy who's a friend). Well, OK, so what? He's stuck in that spotlight. If he were some regular teen guy and got with his girl or his guy friend, would we be bothered at all? No, of course not. That is normal. But because the guy is famous and stuck in that harsh spotlight, every single twitch is going to get scrutinized. That's too bad, because he deserves to have a good life like any other 17 year old, and because he will probably have a full life ahead, celebrity singer/musician and all. Bring it on, Bieber.

Oh, and the bull about the hair or the (very slight) makeup or whatever? So? Many male stars and stage performers do that too. Also, it's his generation.

Also, he is smart enough to appeal to his fans, to tailor his image and let others tailor it. He is likely smart enough and has ego enough to say what he will and won't tolerate between his image and his real, private self.

The higher voice and baby-faced looks? He's 17. He's not fully adult yet, he's physically still growing and will be until around 21 or so. (Right, we don't complete all growth into the "adult" stage until around then, plus or minus a little.)

The voice, again? I think it's just because his voice is still maturing and settling into its adult range. I was a soprano as a boy. When my voice started changing, well, it did what any boy's voice does. It settled down somewhere in between bass and tenor, more towards tenor, really. I can't reach the low bass range at all. I can reach mid-bass range most of the time. I can't reach the high tenor range without going falsetto, and the transition between normal singing voice and falsetto is a trouble spot, of course. So I'm baritone, I think. I have a decent range, but unlike when I was a kid, I'm not sure of where to go in that range. I'm a decent singer. My speaking voice is higher. (You can hear me on Codey's World audio.) Many popular male singers are tenors, and Bieber is, and the people giving him grief over the voice are nutty. His voice isn't through settling down yet. It may go a little lower. But he's probably close to the tenor voice he has now.

The nail polish thing? He's selling tons of songs to teenage girls who like nail polish. There are also a few boys who wear nail polish. Punks, goths, or the more daring boys, gay or otherwise. Why on earth shouldn't he be smart and sell whatever he wants to put on the market? -- And I'll note I got curious enough to buy a couple of bottles. Blue, what else? ;) I bought online, only because cab fare bites and getting a ride is not always easy. So when it arrived and I opened the box, I got a good laugh: look at the bottle from a couple of angles and...it suggests very subtly a certain...yup, that'll sell to those girls and some brave boys. I thought it was clever and funny. Does it indicate anything? It indicates Bieber and the people who created that bottle and nail polish and marketed it are very savvy.

Now whether I can get brave enough some time to wear that nail polish, toes or fingers, that's a really good question. Not particularly my thing, but when I think about it, I wonder why it's so against the norm for a guy, a boy, a man, to wear nail polish, any more than for a guy to have a different hairstyle.

Anyway, clearly I'm in the pro-Bieber camp on this one. I say it doesn't fit what we know of Bieber in any way that is likely to have occurred, even if he got, well, in the mood. And if he did, it isn't any of my business, really. He's entitled to a personal life. I'll wish the guy the best. I hope he's still singing, playing, and selling music when I'm an old geezer. Do your best, Bieber.

And don't worry about all the people talking. Me included. It's his life.

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Goodness, blue....don't you have anything to say on the subject? (short story submissions should go straight to the dude).

But it does sound like you have a "thing" for the Biebs and that's just fine. I probably can't accept the idea that gay or bisexual enters into any part of his mindset. At the beginning of his career there was entirely too much religious feeling injected into his biography. The Bebs gave God credit for his success, and there were those prayer meetings. I don't think gay is acceptable to his religious viewpoint.

But I'm glad you like his music and feel strongly enough to stand up for him. As for the hormones, they ought to know better than to leave him alone with female fan. Someone dropped the ball in handling this boy.

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I think I'm constitutionally incapable of short posts. LOL. -- I don't particularly have a yen for Bieber, but I have a lot of built up need to talk lately...or rant. ;)

Yes, I agree, it's probably not in his mindset or worldview, but perhaps that's misunderstanding him. I come from a more moderate religious background, likely, but with some relatives who are more conservative on such things. So I get how a person might have conflicting ideas on being gay/bi to work through.

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Okay...the bitch lied...anyone surprised?


The boy was going to do the right thing and take the paternity test, that must have scared her off. Either that or the thousands of fans who would like to cut her heart out.

But about this test...how do they do it? Is Bieber asked to give a sperm sample? Can I watch? :spank:

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But about this test...how do they do it? Is Bieber asked to give a sperm sample? Can I watch? :spank:

Uh, they don't do it that way. They swab the inside of one's cheek. Or take a hair with a folicle still attached. I guess in some cases they draw blood, but it isn't necessary. Saliva works just as well.

But you could write an interesting story about doing it your way. Much more interesting that a story about a swabber and a swabbee.


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