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Codey's World looking for teen writers, no experience needed


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Hi, every one!

I’m Tim and have an announcement. We’re starting a new push for younger writers: teens who’d like to write but are afraid to try. All of us, despite our ages, have stories in us. For some, the urge to write is there but they’re worried that they might not be any good. Codey was the same and look how that turned out!

We’re a full service site here…don’t worry about whether you’re “good enough”. We have a great bunch of talented authors and they’re here to help you. If you write it, we’ll publish it online. We’re not looking for the next Codey but are trying to fulfill his dream of giving EVERYONE a chance to write their story. We’ll line you up with a real life editor to help you with spelling and punctuation and a few tips to tell you how to make the story more readable.

What are we looking for? Any kind of story you’ll write…it doesn’t have to be gay ( as a matter of fact, we need more non-gay stories) it just has to be that story you have in your head. You maintain all rights to your story and can use a pen name…we recommend that you do not post under your real name. If, at anytime, you want to also post your story or stories at another site and want them taken down from Codey’s World, we’ll gladly do that. Our only goal is to encourage teens to explore writing.

You can write any kind of story about anything but we will not accept stories with sex or drug usage in them. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Poetry or just plain “a good story” are all acceptable. For more info email webguys@codeysworld.com and an admin will answer asap.

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Well said, Tim, I support everything you had to say...and then posted my own notice on the Iomfats site. (perhaps there are some teen writers in the EU who would like to contribute). Here's what I had to say:

Would you like to become an author and tell your stories? Codey's World is looking for teen authors who want to write gay or straight stories.

The amazing thing about this offer is that the site is willing to provide an editor to help authors with their work. Imagine that, someone to correct your spelling and mentor your work!

I would think there are some teens who read here who must think they have something to say and just wish there was a way to make that happen, well here it is:


The site is well established and has a good following of readers. My admiration comes under the heading of "what if." When I was a teen there was no internet even though I began my own writing back in the early 1960's. What if I had access to a place like Codey's World, where would I be today?

So to the youngest of readers here: If you feel that need to express yourself, educate us about what it means to be a gay teen or wish to write about a romantic encounter, real or fictional, go to the site and take a look at what they have there.

I think you will be surprised. And good luck, this older generation of writers can't entertain the readers forever, we need your talent now.

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Good posting, Chris. Getting the word out is half the battle. Codey was a lad with a dream... and since this month, four years ago when he left ys, Codey's World remains the main expression of his dream.

Codey was a young man who touched and moved me deeply and I consider myself fortunate to have played a small part in getting Codey's World started so that his dream might live on.

Thanks to all for spreading the word.

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Thanks Luggie, Mike and Chris. Dude is right that getting the word out is half the battle...the other half is making teens feel comfortable, safe, and at home on a site. As site owners and admins, we have to remember that even gay kids spend more time in the straight world than the gay world. CW was and is a place where all are welcome: gay/straight, young/old or boy/girl. It's our responsibility to offer them a window to thier own real life world as well as the chance to visit other people's real life worlds. If we ever expect all these worlds to get along, we have to introduce them, to each other, in a way that no one feels threatened by the other. This was the essence of Cody's dream.


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Cross-posted from Codey's World forum. Note when I say, "here," below, I mean Codey's World. (Though I volunteered at AwesomeDude too.)

Hey, I'm Blue. Well, actually, I'm Ben. I was the chief editor and web doofus here until real life got in the way. I'm still here. icon_smile.gif

So, I'd like to add two or three things to what Tim said.

What stories would you like to read? What stories would you like to write? That's what Codey's World wants, plain old good stories. Pretty much any kind of story is welcome. Zombies? Mystery? Thriller? Science Fiction? Fantasy? Historical Fiction? Poetry? Is it hard to classify? Good! Better! Readers like that stuff. So do editors.

Yes, please avoid sex and drug usage. Think of it this way: Could you watch it on video or read it in a book, and would you feel good if a friend reads it? What if that friend recommended it to another friend? It's that kind of thing.

Codey's World has stories that are gay-friendly. It doesn't matter if you, a writer or reader, are gay or not. It doesn't matter if you have gay characters or themes in your stories or poems. No, really, it's fine if they don't and it's fine if they do. You know something? Most of the stories on my bookshelves or ebooks are not "gay" stories. A few, including some that you might not think of at first, are, though.

So what, what's the deal? Codey wanted a site where anybody could come read good stories and poems and feel welcome. He wanted a place where readers could feel accepted. It didn't matter if they were straight or gay, handicapped or sick or not, or any of a thousand other things. Acceptance and welcome, so that if you were a teen or a bright kid or college age or adult or the little old lady or little old man down the street, you could visit and read, and if you looked or sounded a little different from the average guy or girl, OK, big deal, you're reading a story, you're just as welcome as the next guy or girl.

You can tell if a story is going to be good pretty quickly. If it draws you in and keeps you reading, it's a keeper. You don't have to be a big-time professional writer or even out of high school or college. Those "professionally published" big-time authors started out just like any other newbie. Some of them first got published when they were teenagers. So if you are a teen or if you've never written before, don't let that stop you. Real talent shows through, a real storyteller shows, even if it's not perfect. Give it a try and submit it and see what they say. Newbies and amateurs can write great stuff. Teens can write great stuff. Start filling up that notebook and start typing it into that word processor and send it to Codey's World. Give it a try!

Those big-time published authors, the pros? More and more of them are going indie and putting their names out there online, because the publishing world is changing so much, now that ebooks are a big thing. This means that you have a good chance as a newbie or amateur to tell your stories too. I even know some amateur online authors who became published authors, because they kept at it.

Oh yeah, and if you happen to be under 18 or over 18 or whatever, give it a try. As an editor, I don't care what you look like or sound like or how old you are or if you like guys or girls. What matters is if your story or poem grabs me and I want to read more. I'd actually be surprised if any submission was flawless in spelling or grammar or style. What readers want is a neat story or poem.

Submit your story or poem to Codey's World. Go on, you know you want to try!

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