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OH NO...they didn't, but yes they did

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The Inquisition takes longer to disappear in some districts.

I must admit that that shocked even me,

Here's a women who is angry about what is being proposed for the female body.


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I can't tell you how something like this affects me. I had a lay teacher try to molest me when I was 14 and turned my back on the church at that point. I did have the small satisfaction of busting his nose, but if I had been a more violent personality there would have been murder in the parish. That was the 1960's when priests got away with anything they wanted. Enough said...but they still haven't suffered enough to my way of thinking.

P.S. Thank you Des, that piece by Soraya Chemaly was brilliant and powerful. Something every man should read.

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Yes Chris, it seems that what men do in bed and what women do with their bodies are being used as a means to reinstate some kind of religious persecution. Oh, let's see...that's right, it was something called The Inquisition.

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I'm not at all surprised by this. To religious fanatics, following the religion is the most important thing. All other factors are secondary.

At their teaching hospitals, catholics used lobotomies to "cure" homosexuality. The old joke is that God was more comfortable with vegetables than fruits.

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This is the church that today has two of its bishops as the primary supports of North Carolina's Amendment 1 ballot measure to prevent gay people from getting married.

Are we supposed to be grateful that they're just telling us to remain celibate these days instead of castrating or lobotomizing us?

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