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Flash Mobs

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How wonderful. Thank you for posting that Cole. It's made a bad day into a good day.

I fear that if we tried that here, the train thugs would break the instruments over the players' heads.

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Thank you, Cole...an eye opening event for those passengers in the train. I could do without all the hip-hop flash mobs posted all over the internet because the music is meaningless to me. But could you ever imagine seeing a major orchestra in this country without paying through the nose?

That looked like so much fun, gotta love those Copenhagen musicians. So your post sent me looking around on the internet and for fun I managed to come up with three accordian players in Norway:


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You'll note that some people are walking by the accordian players with teeth clenched. Hardly a mob. Sigh. I grew up in a region where accordians at wedding receptions and other celebrations were the norm. I miss them. I suppose it's an acquired taste, like bagpipes.

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Much like bagpipes. A little goes way too far. I heard them often when I was young, and almost never now. I hadn't thought of that till just now.

Music really is a matter of taste. I love classical music, and it drives some people mad. They loathe it. I find it odd that some types of music I hated years ago I can tolerate easily now. Tastes do change.

But not always. I didn't like bagpipes or accordians then, and don't now. I did sit through the entire, repetitive accordian trio, but it was because I was waiting for the flash mob to happen. It didn't.

Chris, you owe me my five minutes back.



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:hehe: Cole, I think a flash mob in Flan, Norway occurs when two residents meet up for a beer at the local tavern. Although the tour guides say that the village has 450,000 visitors a year, I think those were the only teenagers in town. Send me a bill for the time if you want...I was just enjoying the local flavor since I have never been to Europe.

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I regret it, but I must retract my suggestion... Some funny guy once said, "It takes an Irishman to play the pipes!" The young drummerboy was not half bad, though... (I am allowed to look)

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So how does a hardened ol' atheist react to such a performance?

Well, it's necessary to understand that rejoicing in the glory of life is universal, if we will but let it be, whether it is personalised as in a religious chorus, or is expressed as unbounded love.

We walk among the stars when we hold hands and sing with our spirits to praise however we think of the glory of life. Hallelujah!

Thanks for that Rick, you made my day.


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My uncle once said, if the Buddhists had music like the Christians they could conquer the world... But, Buddha would say, "Why?".

I agree...Onward Buddhist soldiers, just doesn't sound right. does it? :omg:

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