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This story, Bluebells, by a first time (?) writer is set in England after an opening in the US.

The author is obviously talented, and I think the story shows great promise, and deserves encouraging.

Unfortunately it is not yet complete, and there was a bit of a wait between April and May, but he seems to be back posting more regularly.

The story is listed only at Nifty's science fiction and fantasy section. But there is no hint of either science of fantasy, yet, but I am betting on English fantasy eventually.

I think you will enjoy the English setting, descriptions and characters.

The following excerpt is in no way, a spoiler.


For story index go to: http://www.nifty.org...tasy/bluebells/

Bluebells, Excerpt, from chapter 8:

"Come on," he said clapping me on the shoulder again, "let's get you back to Small Hall or I'll be up before the Beak for dereliction of duty."

"Huh?", I was finding some of the things he said hard to follow, "'Beak'?" I asked.

"Oh," he grinned at me, "that's what we call the headmaster, just make sure he never hears you say it."

"What have you got their Daines? Fresh meat?" Came a voice from behind us, quickly followed by its source as a three boys approached us across the terrace.

"Mind your manners, Ellis," Daines snapped suddenly, whipping his head around in the direction of the newcomers, "I'm sure I don't need to remind you that you're already on very thin ice with the Beak. Just one more 'incident' and you'll be history, or have you forgotten so quickly?"

"Whoa! Keep your knickers on Daines, or are they your sister's? Hehehe," the larger of the three boys sniggered, shortly echoed by the other two at his shoulder, "we just wanted to welcome the Newbie, you are a Newbie aren't you?" He asked, now grinning in my direction. It wasn't a pleasant grin, one of his front teeth was chipped and a slightly duller color than its partner.

I nodded a confirmation without speaking, remembering Daines' reaction when he heard my accent. Besides, there was something about this boy that I took an instant dislike to. Maybe it was because his smile didn't reach his eyes or maybe because those gray-blue eyes seemed to radiate malice. Talk about '...windows to the soul', I thought and shuddered inwardly. Thankfully, ever mindful of the time, Daines rescued me from further discomfort.

"We're going to be late," he said, placing his arm around my shoulders and shepherding me away from the group, "let's go."

"Well, very nice to meet you, Newbie," Ellis shouted after our retreating backs, "we'll see you around." I resisted the urge to look back over my shoulder, I didn't want to see that grin again, or those eyes.

"Um," I said, looking up at Daines as we left the terrace and stepped back into the hallway, "should I assume that was one of the 'odd arseholes' you mentioned earlier?"

"Oh yes, Ellis is an arsehole alright and they certainly don't come much odder," he said, grimacing in distaste, "he's one to avoid at all costs, seriously." His sincere expression left me in no doubt that my initial assessment of Ellis wasn't far off the mark.
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Many thanks to Mike for the welcome and especially to DesDownunder for recommending my story to the Awesome Dude community.

'Bluebells' is my first attempt at writing a story after spending the last few years reading many excellent stories on Nifty, Awesome Dude and other similar story sites. I must admit that, initially anyway, I found writing a story myself to be a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be. As I've gotten more into it, however, it does seem to be getting a little easier. That, and the positive feedback I've received thus far, have encouraged me to continue and I'm now confident that I will complete it.

As each chapter is completed I currently post them to both Gay Authors and Nifty websites. The links, for anyone who's interested are below:

Gay Authors link: http://www.gayauthors.org/story/caffled/bluebells

Nifty (SF or Fantasy and Highschool sections): http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/sf-fantasy/ & http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/highschool/

Anyway, as I'm currently working on Chapter 9 I'd better crack on. :smile:

Best wishes,


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Welcome to you Nathan, I am so pleased to see you here. Your story is very good and as first time effort it's really above average.

I can hardly wait to see where you take us with Bluebells.


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