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Fun with Electric Play-Doh -- Paging EleCivil


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Paging Doctor EleCivil, Doctor EleCivil to the Science La-bor-a-t'ry!

A science and science fiction geek friend over at another forum had a link to a cool science experiment for kids, for -- fun with electric play-doh. Yes, you read that right, kids, electric play-doh.

Apparently, this is what the wacky Aussies over at ABC-TV's Science Channel do for grins. I read through most of the one page, and still have the remainder and links to read through.


But I knew right away that if anyone could put such a noble scientific experiment to good use, it would be our very own friendly neighborhood teacher, Mr. EleCivil. -- I need to forward this on to a couple of other teacher friends too, they'd get a kick out of it.

This is just further proof that you just never know about Australians. How incredibly cool is this?

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I must admit, I do enjoy running electric current through things. And setting things on fire. And chemicals. Really, there's a reason I got my Gen. Science certification - I wanted to blow stuff up at work.

I'm forwarding this link to my school's science teachers. Also contacting a local art teacher to see if she wants to co-teach this - maybe build some conductive sculptures with the stuff, like the car shown in that link. And speaking of link, maybe I should grab some sausages, too*. We've already done electricity/circuits, but our school year runs until June 20th, so we have time for a few extra experiments.

Thanks for the ideas, Blue and Paul!

*Totally not innuendo. Probably.

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