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Window to the World by Indiana Jon

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Another story I have been following on Nifty and which is one of the best I've read recently Window to the World, by Indiana Jon. This is his first story, but you would never know it by the professionalism and the quality of the writing. It is the story of a former school teacher who has chosen to leave the profession under difficult circumstances and become a truck driver. Wait a minute. Don't jump to conclusions. It is a very moving and poignant story and I strongly recommend it. Jon is a good writer and a good person, as I have learned from our correspondence, and he could use some encouragement. His story is really quite good! It can be found in the A/Y section on Nifty and comes out every two weeks. The last installment was posted June 14.

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NO. Oh, hell, no. Not even halfway into the first chapter and an 11 year old boy can't take a shower by himself, but no, it's not enough just to wash the kid, the man's going to do that? Are you kidding me?

Cole and Chris, you two should have read any of it before "recommending" it. That is not like you, so far as I know.

A grown man doesn't get to do things like that to little boys.

That is NOT what AwesomeDude is about.

You bet your butts I am objecting to this. If I were still a moderator or admin, I'd issue a warning.

FreeThinker, WTF are you thinking? Grown men and pre-teen and early teenage boys? NO! That is not what it is to be a gay man or boy.

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Cole did not recommend the story and had nothing to do with my recommendation. His thinking is much more in line with everyone else's. Please do not think poorly of him. He had nothing to do with this.

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I haven't looked at the story yet, but in some of the stories I've read it wasn't unusual for a gay man to help bathe a kid. It was either that they couldn't do it properly themselves or other matters like being weak or homeless orphan or a combination of things that bring this on. In those I found nothing offencive.

Yes, we are a lazy lot, links to stories saves a lot of time searching.

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