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And this has caused quite the controversy. Including various "family" groups saying they're now going to boycott Oreo cookies, and whatnot.

Good! People in those groups don't deserve Oreo Cookies.

Colinn :icon_geek:

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I have this craving for Oreos now. On the shopping list.

I wonder. Maybe those people so unhappy about rainbow filling are just grumpy because they didn't get enough Oreos and milk growing up? Or this month?

You've really got to wonder, when people start griping about cookies and filling and talking about boycotting them. Who would boycott that?

Maybe Oreos should borrow a page from M&M's and put out multi-colored fillings around the holidays?

I'd buy Oreos with rainbow filling, how 'bout you?

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Looks like I need to do more in-store research!

Blue Oreos? Sold!

(See, I knew about the double stuff, the chocolate filling, and I'd recently seen the mint green. But nope, I had no idea about the others. Clearly, I need to see if these meet the high quality standards for which Oreo is known. Got Milk?)

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