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Star Walks

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Star Walks

By DesDownUnder

Come with me,

Take my hand,

And leave this land,

To walk amongst the stars.

Step off the Earth,

So you can see,

The planet of our birth,

Spinning in infinity,

Orbiting the sun,

In spiralling galaxies,

Amidst clouded nebulas,

And singularities,

But none so unique

As the love we give and make,

With every breath we take.

For we are humanity,

In love with life,

If only we would see,

We glow like stars,

As we walk in space,

Over Earthly land,

Hand in hand,

You and me.
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Thank you Colin, Richard and Camy.

I love Monty Python and its ages since I saw that clip. Just totally off-the-planet-wonderful. Thanks again Camy.

And Richard, no soul-searchers were harmed in the writing of this poem. :lol:

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