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Nathanial Smiley

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I can't tell you what a profound impact you've had on me with your story Nathanial Smiley. I was in my living room watching a movie just before I came back to my office to read your story. The movie was Dancing with Wolves. Given that background of what my mindset was like going into your story, you can imagine the emotion that was playing havoc with my mind.

But to add to the story of my mindset, I also listen to Spa on SeriousXM on my computer while reading. The Native American music was abounding that night of my first read of Chapter One. I'm up to Chapter 8 now.

I'm a wreck and it's all your fault!

But, I laud your effort to make us understand the Cherokee people and who they are. This is a wonderful work. It is NOT a gay work, but rather a work about humanity.

I can't give you enough credit, and I hope that everyone here reads your work.


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My thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments. I find it heartwarming to see how interested everyone gets as a story posts, but even Luggie and Richard know the Dude is doling it out on a regular basis.

Not sure I can say anything about the story itself, except maybe that I had no idea how it was going to end until I was about halfway done. I lived for months with all the native mythology and folktales in my head until the characters seemed to write their own ending. I cannot tell you what will happen, but I will say that even now when I read the ending it gives me chills. Perhaps Marshall was channeling me his thoughts because I have never written anything like that before.

So, no more teasing. Patience will bring you to the conclusion soon enough. It may be a long time before I write another story about Native Americans, but I will stand behind this one anyday.

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