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Fortune Cookie!

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I had Chinese food (Chinese-American, anyway) tonight: beef and broccoli.

I had to have a fortune cookie with it. I got a big bag of fortune cookies. We usually think they're profoundly wise.

Hey, I'm all for that, my parents had a fortune cookie on their first real date, telling them they'd met the person they would fall in love with and marry. So y'know, I'm kind of a fan.

But sometimes, I think the fortune cookie writer was having a bad day. Or sometimes, it's fortune cookie revenge! So I thought I'd share the fun.

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Pass the bill to the person on your left.

Neat trick, but I'm at home by myself, and this isn't takeout, so it wasn't the delivery boy. Darn fortune cookie!

....Hey wait, if there is a cute delivery boy...

Maybe that fortune cookie has something there after all. Hmmm....

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Somehow, this sparked a story idea, with the intent the guy and the delivery boy would find a happily ever after, but so far, while writing down notes, there's plenty of story going on, could be a good adventure, but hmm, nothing in the love and lust department. Not looking good for the customer or the delivery boy. But it's new in that it's been a long time since I've really tried serious outlining/notes, and this is going like it could be a complete story, beginning, middle, and ending. Maybe. Just because I opened my mouth (keyboard) about fortune cookies. -- I've discovered a couple of things I'll have to ask friends, though, so I don't screw up a story point.

Back to fortune cookies!

LOL, so what happens if the delivery boy isn't into beef and broccoli? Go through the rest of the menu? Hope for another delivery boy? Date the entire waitstaff? (LOL, could be awkward if you're not bi....)

BTW, what happens if you go for two fortune cookies? If you don't eat the fortune cookie first, before the fortune? After? Only eat half? See, I wonder these things.

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Leadership is actions, not positions.

OK, the fortune cookie writer was having a better day with that one.

I could make some off-color joke about fun positions and actions thereafter, but instead, I'll say that fortune made better sense.

I'd also say leadership is defined by how one does what, not just what one does.

I may decide on ramen with veggies tonight. If so, expect another fortune cookie.

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