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Like Chris, it's rare for me to watch foreign films, but I do occasionally stumble upon one that catches my interest.

I don't know the availability of this in stores. I subscribe to Netflix and receive their streaming video service, which is where I found this movie.

The name of the film is Patrik, age 1.5. It's about two married men trying to adopt a child in Sweden. I highly recommend this very well made and performed drama.


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Sure you do, Cole. Just put an itsy-bitsy pinch of paprika in the goulash and we'll all shout hurrah and squeeze your saber. Actually, though, we've come to think that your biro is mightier than your saber. See, you know some Hungarian after all.

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I have Patrik, age 1.5 and can confirm it's a great film. Other foreign films I can recommend:

Cockles and Muscles (French),

A Love to Hide (French),

Hilde's Journey (German),

Balls (German)

Bear Cub (Spanish)

Loose Cannons (Italian)

Regular Guys (German)

Suddenly Last Winter (Italian)

Taxi Zum Klo (German)

Walk on Water (Israeli)

Yossi and Jagger (Israeli)

Coming Out (German)

... all with subtitles!

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