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Any AD Members in the Way of Hurricane Isaac?

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Are you in the path of Hurricane Isaac or the rain bands around it, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida? If so, please take care and know we are thinking of you! Let us know if you are OK.

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Thanks for asking, but here on the east coast of south Florida we only got our feet wet. Eight inches of rain filled the ponds and canals, some flooding, and the wind managed to trim the trees and bushes here and there. The season is just beginning and we don't know what will happen next week. Cheers!

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Er, I don't think the Republicans would target Isaac onto any of the red states. However, the closest blue state is I think New Mexico and even Romney can't push enough hot air to shift the storm that far west.

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We are pretty close... in the second and third bands. Really heavy rain and some wind. The hardest part, our creek that runs through the property has pushed over its banks and flooded the North pasture and some of the woods to the East. Right now, the only thing we are really worried about is flash floods and tornadoes.

Our brothers showed up in our bedroom (downstairs) sometime last night. I do not think they realized if something really bad had happened they would have been better off upstairs.

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