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I'm gay, I'm gay


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Ahh Des, you lovely pervert! Simply marvelous, and with such a lusty cast. Camelot has never seemed so bawdy....except:

Some of you have read Exit Stage Left, a story I wrote a few years back. The truth is that I did that four year stint in summerstock theater, a touring house on a major circut. And one summer we hosted Camelot, starring of all people, Rock Hudson. Those of us behind the scenes knew he was gay as did most of the Hollywood insiders, but no one spoke of it.

I don't know who cast the show, but it was the largest cast of gay and lesbian people I have ever encountered outside of perhaps Rent. The young man playing Lancelot was Rock's boy toy of the summer. The knights were probably all wearing G-strings under their armor. The only one who couldn't sing very well was Hudson, but the cast pulled him through. A gay time was had by all, and fortunately for us it only lasted a week.

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Whilst Camelot does not have the depth of philosophy and conflict to be found in Man of La Mancha, I think it does have an ideological, altruistic message for the machine age that enslaves us in our materialistic cultures. Romantic much, oh, yes.

Some productions of Camelot have emphasised the superficial; the costumes, sets, and sword play :spank:

but others have brought out the hope that the idealism; of equality in the symbol of the round table where even the king is subject to 'the law' as well as his queen, will be remembered as something that ..."once existed here, in Ca m e l ot..."

The movie by the way, really does need to be seen in 70mm to be appreciated.

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