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Eton Style


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I'm not a big fan of Psy and didn't even know about "Gangnam Style" until I saw a skit on Saturday Night Live that featured him. Having finally watched the video on Youtube the other day, I came across an article on the Guardian's US site of some kids from Eton who have done their own version. The Guardian, (my favorite online newspaper now that the capitalist pigs at the New York Times now expect me to actually pay for their articles) describes it as "cringe-inducing," but I like it rather more than the original. It's not rollickingly hilarious, but it is cute.


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OMG... I thought this Psy thing was just a Korean thing... my son loves it, but he's South Korean! But this thing is viral. The Eton Style is a hoot!

By the way Kangnam, is a largely residential area of Seoul (kang=river/nam=south) south of the Han River which divides the capital city.

More Korean lessons to follow....

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There was a report on NPR's Morning Edition the other day about the "Gangnam Style" phenomenon that said South Korea is the most wired society on earth, with the most advanced cell system and Internet. Korean artists are gaining a world-wide following because they gain an instant audience in their home country, bypassing the traditional recording companies and producers who would ordinarily ignore them, and thus gaining exposure around the world.

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Noted technologist and computer pundit John Dvorak has disputed the claim that Korea is the "most wired" country on earth, and has said that every time he's stayed in that country, his internet connect speed was nothing special. But South Korea is widely considered the fastest, by average:


Scary that Romania and Czechoslovakia (!!!) are faster than the U.S.

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Those countries aren't nearly as large as the United States. It's not nearly as expensive to roll out the infrastructure required for Internet access on the scale of a South Korea, Romania or Czechoslovakia. We have states bigger than those countries. Their telecom companies are usually a monopoly that can set end to end protocol and hardware standards.

The US Internet backbone(s) are owned by multiple companies using different protocols, fiber, routers, switches and even frame rates standards. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and others all own significant fractions of it and its a bloody miracle that any of it works at all. I can't get a gig at any of them because they are packed with H-1B wankers that work for dog food wages and no health care.

Remember that the next time you hear those corporate whores complaining that they need more H-1b visas because they can't find Americans to do the job.

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Hey Colin, keep it up... my uncle will come over there and buy your IP, and move it to Mississippi where you are lucky if you get 8mbp down and 5up. He will leave you ours, just so you feel like the rest of us tortoises.

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