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A Father's Love by Philip Marks


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To be honest, this story almost turned me off reading any more of it after a chapter, but I plugged along and read it all. It is a good story and isn't graphic or descriptive but you get the point and read on.

Who does a boy turn to when he thinks he has nothing and wants to fill that hole inside him some how.


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I read this, at one sitting, last night. It's harrowing, painful and traumatic, but it's also very well written, and one of the few stories that could be described as important. It takes the reader through a period of the history of our community which must not be forgotten.

Recent statistics here in the UK indicate that HIV diagnosis among gay men is at an all-time high, and also that probably a quarter of HIV+ men don't know they have the virus. It's not a problem that has gone away now that there are drugs that can manage the virus. We do well to remember the tragedy that overtook a generation not that long ago when AIDS first spread around the world.

Bravo for writing this powerful story.

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